Interview mit Easy Money

How does Rules of the game differ from Midas Touch? Is there any difference in style or are those two parts seperated lyrically?

ROTG is a more accurate representation of ourselves as musicians. Lyrically touching upon similar subjects/themes that made up Midas Touch. The ugliness of human nature, the lacking presence of god, the desire for revenge by those who’ve been wronged.. all relevant subjects to our lives during the writing of both records.

In your words: What are the rules of the game?
There are none, the sentiment is ironic. You play life to win, yet everyone loses. You make a move, 3 moves are made against you. Regardless, everyone is here for the same ride and makes similar choices throughout their life. It’s easy to sin to get ahead. Even in sin you have to have balance. With a life of morality you can still be in the wrong. ROTG displays that polarity.

On your secret set for the Hope For Shelter Fest you guys covered parts of Davidian from Machine Head. Is this band a special influence for you guys?
Mookie and Troy are big fans of Machine Head. They never got to see the band in its prime, so we decided to bring those rhythms to our set. We’ve covered It Ain’t Like That by Alice In Chains and even a Bad Seed track at one point. Mainly for the sake of hearing it ourselves.

You guys mix metallic Hardcore and HipHop parts and countless other influences. Do you see yourself as an old school hc band or as a kind of Crossover band?
In the state we are in musically, we seem to walk the line. „Crossover“ is the more appropriate term for our mix of styles.

What were the reasons you guys decided for Beatdown Hardwear to distribute your music?

Been listening to bands from BDHW for years. Toni’s work ethic and DIY mentality mirrors ours. Hoping to see big things manifest with our combined efforts.

Are there any bands on the label you want to play some shows with?


In a recent interview you named Sepultura and Alice In Chains as a big influence for your music. Can you tell us how these influences show themselves on your new record?
Our guitarist Mookie is a Jerry Cantrell fan. Brief Blues licks can be heard towards the end of „The Score“ & grunge elements appear throughout the composition of this record. Chaos A.D. is a big inspiration as well, mainly speaking in context of hard parts/vocal delivery. Both great bands.

How do you guys write songs? Is there a heavy riff around which the song evolves, or do you follow a different method?
Mookie composes like a maniac. He’ll get a riff together, build the song structure and vibe with the track for days before he brings it to Travis (our drummer) and Troy (our vocalist) for feedback. The end result happens after multiple sessions and few arguments, but it’s always a good time.

BDHW and Corepoint are both located in Germany. Is there a HC or non-HC band you guys like?

What can we expect from your band in the future? Is the next release already planned?
Thanks for the interview and good luck 

More riffs. More videos. More shows.
Not allowed to talk much but there is mumbling of a Split release later on…

Autor: Marvin
Band: Easy Money
Label: BDHW Records