All For Nothing Interview

PIC_All For Nothing_smallHi ALL FOR NOTHING! Thanks for taking the time to talk to Corepoint. Why don’t we start with a short introductory round for the uninitiated? Who are you and how long have you been around?

Cindy: Hi! We’re All For Nothing from Rotterdam. We’re hardcore band! Haha
We’ve been around for about 11 years now. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Your new album “Minds Awake/Hearts Alive” was produced by Brian “Mitts” Daniels of MADBALL! How did you get into contact? How was the work in the studio?

Joost: That was a little twist of luck. We had not planned to work with a producer for this record. We got introduced to each other and after talking about it we all felt working together could turn out great, so that’s how our collaboration came to be. It might not be a very well known fact but Mitts has a lot of experience in this field.
Ernst: Being in the studio with a dedicated producer is a big impulse for the creative process. Having someone a set of fresh ears really helps improve the songwriting and the overall performance during recording sessions.
Besides that, Mitts is a really nice guy and he told us some very funny and interesting tour stories at the dinner table.

Right now you’re touring again. If you could design the flyer for your upcoming gigs, which bands would ideally headline next to ALL FOR NOTHING?

Ernst: There’s one band that rules them all… Sick Of It All! Amazing work ethic, killer live show, super nice dudes!
Cindy: There are so many bands we love; because of their music or because we know them from the road and they’re great people.
Joost: I totally agree…It’s great to play alongside big names like Sick of it All, Madball or Walls of Jericho for instance. Touring with those bands really is inspiring and made us push ourselves to a higher level. But don’t forget about the younger or smaller local bands! It’s easy to get spoiled with big bands coming in from overseas but Europe has a lot to offer too!

I know you have been to China a couple of years ago, have you lined up any other big tours (any chance MADBALL will take you with them stateside?) or will we see you mostly around Europe.

Ernst: Yeah we travelled a lot last year! All over south-east Asia and even Kenya at This is Africa Fest. That was incredible.
We’ll be playing across Europe for the biggest part of this year. There are some other plans in the making but it’s too early to say anything about that yet.

The last years have seen a resurgence of female-fronted / all-female HC bands. Do you see the trend continuing in the Dutch scene? Any other Dutch bands we should be watching out for?

Cindy: I’m not sure if it’s a resurgence but you definitely see a lot of cool hardcore bands with girls in them. Not just in The Netherlands but all over Europe. Bands like Bitter Verses (D), Stinky (F) and Rites (NL). It’s not just boys fun you know! Haha

I wanted to ask you about the election. The Dutch general election was held this March and Mark Rutte thankfully finished before Geert Wilders, prompting many outlets within the German media to assume that the right-wing influence in the Netherlands (and by extension Europe) is on the downslide. Still, Rutte’s VVD lost eight seats and its former coalition partner, Lodewijk Asscher’s Labour Party, while Wilder’s PVV could gain five more seats, making it the second strongest party in the parliament. How do you guys see the situation? Have the extremist elements really been tamed and are we just waaay to worried for the Netherlands or does it feel like you are settling in for the long haul?

Joost: I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. All parties slowly moved to the right over time and people are afraid because the media feeds us fear. We still have to be careful not to go back in time, giving away freedom and equal rights we have fought for for decades, just because it gives us a false sense of security.
To me the politicians you mentioned are just faces that go with sentiments you see throughout society. What really matters are your actions in daily life. Even simple things like the way you treat the people you meet. If you feel worried about where this world is headed, go do something about it!
Ernst: Damn right!
Cindy: Go volunteer at your local youth club, animal shelter or refugee center for instance. Actions speak louder than words.

The last words belong as always to the band. Anything you wanna get off your chest?

Cindy: Hardcore lives!

Autor: Flo W.
Band: All For Nothing