Raw Power Interview

Photos made by Elena Artioli
Photos made by Elena Artioli

Buongiorno. How are you?

And Buonasera to you, I’m very well thanx, how are you ?

Your new Album „Inferno“ will be released soon and it is, once again, pure Oldschool Hardcore. What are the reactions so far?

So far I must admit they are better than we expected, I mean we knew that we had a good record by listening to the songs as they were taking shape, but once we recorded them we were sure of it. The songs are powerful and fats and some are almost ballad like ( for and oldschool album of course) but I think that is very impressive is the quality of the sound, the sound engineer and the studio we recorded it ( Indiebox Studio in Brescia) made all the difference, so yeah even it is early days we are more than happy.

How many Albums have you released in your career so far? Is it still easy to keep up the motivation for new recordings?

This would be an easy answer for some, as it is…for me it is a difficult one because I have never checked..but I heard someone saying that this should be the 17th?? But don’t take my word for it, then of course we have a couple of sort of Best of…then we have lots of compilation , couple of EP’s and I don’t know how many other records we are one with one song or another. Of course let’s not forget all the bands that have been so kind as to cover one of our songs, we are very fortunate. The reason for a new album is that you have to do something new , but for the right reasons and in our case is that we want to keep on playing and we want to carry on doing albums, of course only if they are of Raw Power standars otherwise there is no point in recording. The good thing about our band is that we have no ties with anyone so basically we can do what we like when and how so if we do anything it’s only because we want to do it, and this is why Inferno came along…

Everyone who has seen you playing live knows about your energy on stage, keeping up easily with any “young” band. Do you need other routine now than you needed years ago?
More training less party?

You know it’s funny you’d say that but the more we play the more I want to party, playing and partying go hand in hand, what was it that someone once said? ; party ‘til you drop? And that is what we are going to do. Sometime we play with bands that have a very stricht regime, they don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t eat that don’t eat this, bed early and all that ..and this of course is fine, the world is nice because is mixed everyone can do what they want ( in some places!) Again we are lucky because this for us isn’t a profession , we are not on tour 6 months a year so of course when we tour for two weeks I have to make sure that I remember those two weeks for a long time to come, I have to enjoy myself! Sometime I almost feel sorry for some bands that have to get in play get back on the sleepr and off to the next show, it’s just a different thing. We play and the before and after partying is part of the package!!!

IMG_9228 2You have played with so many Bands in your career, what would you say was the biggest moment? And how was playing with (the then unknown) Guns ´n Roses? Any funny stories?

The Biggest moment was definitely playing in 1984 the Los Angeles Olympic Arena, that was and has been the best thing we ever did. Also it was the first tour of the US, the first time in the US and the first time that we basically played with all the bands that has inspired us, so it was like a dream come true, yes top of the list off all time is that show. Funny stories? Breaking down during the night with Dayglow abortion in the middle of nowhere with crocodiles on the side of the road? Using a big Glass Jar to piss in so as not to stop the bus otherwise it wouldn’t start again? Getting a call a 3am to go to a jail to get back some of the band that tours with you guys? Arrested at the Mexican Border? Losing your trailer while driving on some interstate and having all your possessions all over the tarmac for a mile?…we could go on for a long while…

Is there anything you still want to achieve? Any place you always wanted to go but never did?

Yes, Japan and Australia, I’d love to go there sometime before quit. For one reason or another we have never manage to go, so I’d like to go and show them what we can do.

You have been around for 35 years. Respect! You have seen all the trends come and go, what would you say is the main difference between Hardcore in the 80ties and now? People tend to say, everything used to be better in the “good old days”? Is that the way you see it yourself?

I think that better s the wrong choice of word, everything used to be new and fresh and almost never done before. That it was why it was so amazing to be around at the time, it was just sheer luck for once being older worked!! I think that even now things aren’t bad at all, most of the time the main problem in places where we go is money , just like always. People don’t buy records cause they haven’t got the money, they don’t go to show for the same reason, bands can’t tour because of it, clubs won’t book bands because of it…same old story, but I think that in general now the “scene!” is a good one in most countries.

You have always been a political band. How do you see the situation in Europe at the moment? Right winged parties getting stronger, Brexit and so on?

I think that the situation was bad when I was a kid and it’s bad now, no more no less ( well maybe more) people and especially politicians don’t learn, basically they don’t want to learn , they just carry on now as the predecessors 30/40 years ago, all they care is stealing money for them and fuck the normal people that they should protect in the process, it’s a INFERNO!!


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Band: Raw Power
Releasedate: 09.06.2017
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