Cold As Life Interview

CAL 2016 PROMO PIC V2CP: Hi There. It´s pretty cool to have the possibility for an Interview with you guys. As some of the younger readers might not (yet) know you, could you please introduce yourselves?

Craig: Craig Holloway I play Bass.
CP: You have a very vivid history. Violence, Murder, Split Ups, Line up changes and so on. But still you managed to keep Cold As Life alive. Was it very hard to keep the motivation up? To find the energy for new starts?

Craig: I always been a fan of HC music and really enjoy playing it. When Roy asked me to return to the line up I was super honored to even be considered. My only hesitation was based on the fact that I now reside in Austin, Texas. I didn’t want that to be a problem for Cold As Life being able to accomplish all that they are set to do.

CP: Does it sometimes make you smile seeing Bands labeling themselves “from the streets” although being from nice suburbs? As you are truly from the streets?

I never lived on the streets or stayed in a squat. Have I been in bad areas? hell yes. I went to school, lived and worked in Detroit. I guess you could asked if I had street smarts and that would be a yes.

CP: You have been around since the late 80ties. How would has Hardcore changed for you over the years? Were there any new “trends” in the whole time that influenced or that really bothered you?

Craig: This music has always been appealing to me because of the ferocity of the music and the message in the lyrics. I can relate. Whether I’m playing music or watching. It’s something that had it’s hooks in me me since the instant I heard it. It’s my addiction it keeps me young. As far as trends I don’t pass judgment. There’s always going to be clicks. It’s human nature. I just try to keep an open mind and look at the big picture.

CP: Your new 7Inch will be released by Demons Run Amok. How did you get in contact with them?

Craig: They reached out to us. We had the pleasure of meeting Marcel in ULM. We are super stoked to be given this opportunity to get our music overseas. We look forward to our relationship and being a part of the DRA family.

CP: “Suffer” only contains two songs. Is it like a test for a new record?

Craig: Yes that was a tease of what’s to come. We are currently writing material for a full length.

CP: The two songs are very different from each other. “For the few” is a mid-tempo song, focusing on groove, while “Suffer” is a pretty fast old school smasher. Was it your plan to show your variability?

Craig: No not intentionally. The band has a diverse appetite when it comes to music. What would be the point to write two songs that sound alike?

CP: Do you have any plans for touring?

Craig: Well we just got back from our European tour last week. We have some awesome Fests in the States coming up next month. A few long weekends are planned and possibly a 2 week tour this fall.

CP: Years ago a film about Cold As Life was planned and already begun with. Any possibility, that it will be finished at some point? Or that you start a second try?

Craig: It would definitely be worth watching! Well the story continues. That is something we will finish but at a later date.

CP: Any last words?

Craig: Yes please continue to support bands . Watch their gigs (live) when they come through town. Bring a friend. Maybe you can introduce them to something that may have a positive affect on their lives like it did me. Thanks.

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